Classroom Products:
FrontRow eInstructions Patriot Kuno Mimio

Lifeline Audio Video Technologies has been in business since 1990. Our team of designers, sales, installers, customer support, and service people takes pride in exceeding customer expectations. Our scope of work includes (but not limited to): Classroom amplification systems, interactive white boards, clickers, projectors, room control, 1 to 1 computing, audio and video systems, acoustics design and installation and theatrical stage lighting.

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We also provide audio and video products and services
for higher education, businesses, and churches.

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FrontRow, a leader in classroom sound engineering, provides classroom amplification systems which vastly improve clarity.


eInstruction® products help teachers teach through interactive engagement, collaboration and real-time assessment.


Lifeline's own Patriot Portable Amplification System is a compact, lightweight, wireless portable amplification system.


KUNO was specially designed for education and is the most advanced mobile tablet of its kind.


Mimio interactive displays feature advanced technology for exceptional performance and simplicity.