FrontRow Symbio

FrontRow Symbio classroom amplification system

FrontRow Symbio Infrared voice reinforcement system

Now your media amplifier can clarify voice too

Many classrooms have a basic amplifier and speakers — perhaps as a component of an interactive whiteboard — but lack the critical ability to amplify voices. Easily add voice clarity to any existing amplifier with the FrontRow Symbio. It's the only wireless infrared receiver that offers the FrontRow microphone — a simpler, smarter, 30% lighter mic with excellent sound quality, an easy to reach mute button and two integrated directional mics for better sound pick up.

FrontRow clarifies and distributes sound in the classroom. Call Lifeline at 800.236.4327 today for a complete list of FrontRow Symbio features and benefits!

Symbio wireless IR microphone receiver


FrontRow Symbio's quick installation makes it easy for teachers to be up and running with voice amplification quickly. Simply connect to any existing amplifier and speakers, install the ceiling sensor and you're ready.

Front Row microphone- up to 30% lighter!

Pendant microphone

Lightweight and comfortable - the FrontRow transmitter is 30% lighter than others, making it easy to wear all day long. And with its convenient mute button, teachers can quickly and easily have private conversations without having to take their microphone off or search for the off button.

FrontRow Ceiling Sensor

Ceiling Sensor Kit

The FrontRow ceiling sensor's 360 degree 'full sweep' signal coverage helps prevent signal dropout. The easy to install bracket and LED power indicator make installation quick and easy

Optional Accessories

Child Friendly Microphone

Optional student pass-mic and charger

The FrontRow student mic is the most child-friendly way to build student participation. With the lanyard, students can use the mic "hands free", ideal for reading aloud, giving reports or even team teaching.

Symbio wireless IR microphone receiver


Front Row microphone- up to 30% lighter!

Pendant mic

Symbio wireless IR microphone receiver


Transmission type: — Infrared

Receiving frequency: — 2.3MHz & 2.8MHz

Frequency Response: — 50Hz to 10 kHz

THD: — < 1% @ 1 kHz

Signal to noise: — > 65dB (system)

Mic level out: — 0V to 100 mVrms at maximum volume and maximum deviation, typical

Line level out: — 0V to 1 Vrms maximum volume and maximum deviation, typical

Power supply: — 12V at 500mA

Size (wxhxd): — 14 x 3.8 x 18cm/5.5 x 1.5 x 7in

Weight: — 766g/1.7lbs

Front Row microphone- up to 30% lighter!


Transmission type: — Infrared

Transmitting frequency: — 2.3MHz & 2.8MHz (switchable)

Microphones: — dual uni-directional cardioid

Battery life: — minimum 8 hours

Battery type: — single AA, 2500mAH rechargeable (NiMH)

Operating range: — 18.5m/60ft line-of-sight (typical)

Size (wxhxd): — 11 x 6 x 2.5 cm/4.5 x 2.5 x 0.9 in

Weight: — 85g/3.0oz (with battery)

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FrontRow Symbio adds voice clarity to any classroom amplification system