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The all-in-one design makes ToGo a favorite for situations demanding portability

So easy, the hardest thing about FrontRow ToGo is taking it out of the box

Completely installation-free, FrontRow ToGo is the only "all-in-one" sound system with DuO™ Technology. Its two precision-mounted speakers provide amazingly even coverage of the entire classroom in a way that few multi-speaker systems (and no single speaker) can match.

Goes from class to playground to assembly

FrontRow ToGo goes anywhere students need to listen. Its powerful built-in battery lasts 6.5 hours, and at just 6.4kg/12.5lbs, it's easier than ever to clarify your voice in the classroom, cafeteria, gym, or play field.

FrontRow clarifies and distributes sound in the classroom. Call Lifeline at 800.236.4327 today for a complete list of FrontRow ToGo features and benefits!

FrontRow To Go classroom amplification system


Able to go beyond the classroom, FrontRow ToGo's all-in-one design and built-in battery make it a favorite for outdoor learning, physical education, assemblies, and other situations demanding portability.

FrontRow To Go microphone and transmitter

Boom Microphone/Body Worn Transmitter

The handy body worn transmitter lets you choose between a wind resistant boom mic or an inconspicuous lapel mic.

FrontRow To Go charging stand

Transmitter Charging Stand

Convenient drop-in charger for both the teacher transmitter and the hand held student microphone.

Optional Accessories

FrontRow To Go student pass microphone

Optional Student Pass-mic

The durable and easy to use hand held student pass microphone is ideal for passing around to students for reading aloud, giving reports or even team teaching.

FrontRow To Go carry bag

Optional Carrying Bag

The optional carry bag makes the ToGo even easier to transport. With pockets to put all of your accessories in and with its padded sides, this carry bag keeps your ToGo protected wherever you take it.

All-in-one system — receiver, speaker and battery integrated into one unit

Installation-free — table stand or easy-install wall mount options

SmartCharge fail-safe charging

Completely portable - take it outside!

Excellent sound quality and room coverage

Intuitive controls and easy to operate

OptiVoice Enabled

DuO technology

Lead-free construction (RoHS compliant)

Dual FM receiver allows two transmitters to be used at once

Auxiliary audio input for connectivity to other media

Auxiliary audio output for connectivity to personal FM devices for the hearing impaired

FrontRow To Go classroom amplification system


Output Power Maximum: — 36W RMS @ 4Ω x 2

Battery: — NiMH rechargable

Input: — 1 x aux-in, 3.5mm mono

Output: — 1 x aux-out, 3.5mm mono

Controls: — Channel A/B on/off/volume

Dimensions: — 7.2 x 3.4 x 29.5 in 183 x 85 x 750 mm

Weight: — 12.5 lbs. / 5.7 kg

Battery operating time: — 6.5 hours (rechargeable)

Recharging time: — 8 hours

FrontRow To Go transmitter top FrontRow To Go transmitter


Carrier frequency range: — 216.025 - 216.875 MHz

Operating Range: — >110ft. / 34m

Dimensions: — 2.5x3.5x1in/65x90x25mm

Weight: — 1.8oz/51g

Controls: — on/mute/off/channel selector

Input/output: — 2.5mm microphone input jack

Battery type: — 2 AA NiMH rechargable (1600mA) or 2 AA alkaline disposable

Battery life: — NiMH rechargeable typically 12 hours — disposable alkaline typically15 hours

Recharging time: — 6 hours

For more detail see complete specifications .

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FrontRow To Go Classroom amplification system