Mimio Interactive Displays

Different schools have different needs, so we give you two Mimio interactive displays to choose from plus a variety of additional products. All options feature the most advanced technology for exceptional performance and simplicity.

Choose the solution that fits your needs.

MimioTeach™ MimioTeach™
Choose the MimioTeach™ interactive whiteboard if your school already uses regular dry erase boards and projectors. Simply place the small MimioTeach bar on the dry erase boards you already have, push two buttons, and just like that - you've got a full-featured interactive whiteboard. Now you can spend less without getting less.

MimioProjector™ MimioProjector™
Choose the MimioProjector™ interactive projector if your school already has dry erase boards but needs projectors. Just mount the ultra-short-throw projector above your existing dry erase board, plug it into your computer, and bring your lessons, graphics, and images to life. Dual-pen functionality lets two students interact at the white board at the same time!

Mimio Products Additional Mimio Products
Whether it's whole-group or small-group instruction, formative assessment, collaborative learning, Mimio solutions help teachers put these strategies into action, easily and affordably.